I enjoy collaborating with local schools and projects:

So far in 2016, I spent a whole day as artist in residence in Curridge School were we explored the work of Miro and Picasso and created a great display of a "Happy Guernica".
I also was lead artist for the Pat Eastop education project during Open Studios 2016 with year 7 pupils from St Barts School. On this 3 day project, we heard about the archeology and history surrounding Shaw House and we sketched and drew the house and its environs on the first day, and transformed our sketches into a couple of works of art in the following two days, experimenting with various watercolour and collage techniques.
As part of Libray Fest 2016 i developed a series of short collagraph sessions that were also taken up by the pupils of the Reintegration Service at the Oaks, who enjoyed experimenting with new techniques.
For Sovereign Housing, a group of residents of Willow Close, took up my Experimenting with Watercolour Classes and they enjoyed learning and becoming confident with watercolours - an exhibition of their work is currently hanged in their common room.